Why A.D. Susman?

We listen. And, we work according to what the client tells us to do. 

When dealing with staffing services, clients typically have several concerns. One of which is the failure to listen by these agencies. A.D. Susman & Associates promises to give 100% attention to each of our clients when conducting business. We cannot expect to succeed unless we know what you need. 

We source for the perfect fit. Not an "almost" fit.  

In conjunction to failing to listen, many vendors provide several resumes to the client, most of which do not match the needs of the client. We make a practice of not doing this. We only submit a candidate’s information if we think there is the possibility of a perfect fit. We understand that your time is crucial and we do not want to waste any of it. 

 We're straight with the client about candidates submitted for review. 

The most important note that we would like to make is that we DO NOT provide clients with misinformation in regards to a candidate’s skill set or work desires (i.e. desire to do contract work or permanent work). 

We work to create success stories. It's all about the right candidate and the right business opportunity. 

There are obviously several concerns a client can have when dealing with placement firms. However, at A.D. Susman & Associates, we strive to do what it takes to make you happy. Our policy is to always go the extra mile to please both clientele and candidates. We feel that we can fulfill all expectations because of our experience in this industry and because of the effort we put forth each and every day.

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