Our focus to our clients is to provide labor resources on their terms, not ours. We can provide these resources in any capacity.

Contractual - Short term projects or seasonal fluctuations

We can be the employer of your labor resources the entire time they are working at your location. This is ideal for projects or seasonal fluctuations of business needs.  Also, an overall benefit is that we handle all of the paperwork in order to keep that individual employed, not you.

Contract-to-Hire - Work with the candidate before you make a decision to hire

Through our services, you can have an individual work with your company while being contracted through A.D. Susman & Associates. The arrangement can be held until you are comfortable enough with an individual to take them on permanently.

Permanent -  Source the right team member

If you need a skill set for the long haul, but don't have the people, time, or capability to find them yourself you can always rely on the services at AD Susman & Associates to bring quality candidates to your attention.

Special Requests

At A.D. Susman & Associates our focus is on sourcing Health Care, Information Technology, Oil & Gas, Administrative/ Clerical, Transportation, Accounting/ Finance, and Light Industrial professionals.

We pride ourselves on being a resource for our clients. If there's something we can do, please let us know.

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