Community Strategy – Community Analyst (Business Social Media Analyst)

Job Description:

The objective of this role is to define a strategy for the build of the technology to support the community aspects of the Common Ground project. The team will work in close liaison with the Community Infrastructure manager and team, and with the OCM team to ensure alignment with the goal of the project. The team will also work in liaison with the various IT groups to ensure alignment with company IT strategy.

This work will require some discovery, documenting of requirements, a design and/or approach, and the ensuing strategy document.

The output from this engagement will be the comprehensive strategy document, a roadmap, and a detailed list of all hardware and software required to implement the solution over and above existing hardware and software.

Skillset Required:

Previous experience with a variety of social and collaborative tools.  Demonstrated ability to build an integrated technical solution as a foundation for a large scale collaborative development community. Oil and Gas experience is ideal but not necessary.

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